Benok Kabisote
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Half Engkantado-Half Human



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Okay Ka, Fairy Ko! (TV Series)
Enteng Kabisote (Film Series)


Oyo Boy Sotto (Okay Ka, Fairy Ko!
Series, Enteng Kabisote Film Series
CJ Ramos (Okay Ka, Fairy Ko! TV Series)

Benok Kabisote is the first son of the Kabisotes. Unfortunately the series was about to end when he was introduced so his character was not explored to the hilt. Oyo Boy Sotto, Vic Sotto's son in real life played the young Benok for Okay Ka Fairy Ko's first season on GMA-7 until he was replaced by CJ Ramos (from Ang TV). After the TV series ended Benok made his debut at the Enteng Kabisote movie installment. Oyo Boy was cast again as Benok in the movies. He was originally portrayed in the first "Enteng" movie as a "pasaway" (brat) who's always disobedient and answers back to his parents and Ate Aiza. Eventually, his character had a change of heart after his mother Faye was kidnapped by Satana and became his father's ally in various battles against dark forces. In the second and third "Enteng" movie, Benok's characterization focused more on his appeal with women, a direct junior version of his father Enteng. In the fourth installment of "Enteng", Benok matures and became a Police Officer.