Vicente "Edad" Kabisote, Sr.
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Okay Ka, Fairy Ko! (TV Series)


Bayani Casimiro Sr.

Vicente "Edad" Kabisote,Sr. is Enteng's old father. He was portrayed by Bayani Casimiro. This is Bayani's most prominent role in later years was as the father of Enteng Kabisote (Vic Sotto) in the popular sitcom Okay Ka Fairy Ko!. Casimiro died less than two years into the run of Okey Ka Fairy Ko.

Edad's first appearance was in Episode 1 of Okay Ka, Fairy Ko! TV series that premiered in 1987(IBC 13). He also appeared on the latest installment of Enteng Kabisote 4 when Enteng went to the past.He appeared in the Okay ka Fairy ko sitcom for less than two years before he died.


His real life son, Bayani Casimiro, Jr., soon joined the cast as Prinsipe ng Kahilingan. In obvious tribute to his father, Casmiro Jr.'s character would perform a brief tap dance upon his every entrance and exit.

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