Prinsipe K
Biographical information
Also known as

Prinsipe ng Kahilingan

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Other information

Okay Ka, Fairy Ko! (TV Series)
Enteng Kabisote (Film Series)


Bayani Casimiro Jr.

Prinsipe K is a tap dancing fairy noted for his outrageous entrances whenever he is called and his large, elf-like ears. He was an ally to the Kabisote Family and was portrayed by Bayani Casimiro Jr., son of comedian Bayani Casimiro, Sr. The father incidentally was also in the cast of the show during its early runs, playing the father to Enteng Kabisote, until his eventual, real-life demise. "Prinsipe K" is short for "Prinsipe ng Kahilingan" ("Prince of Wishes").

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