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Bing Loyzaga (Enteng Kabisote film series)
Odette Khan (Okey Ka, Fairy Ko! series)

Satana is the evil fairy queen of Kadiliman and the main villainess of the series. Formerly known as Amarillo, she is the sister of Ina Magenta, Ina Azul and Ina Verde and the aunt of Princess Chlorateam. She ran away from Engkantasya when she was young and came back as the vile Satana. She was ever so jealous of the powers and domains her sisters received from their father.

Satana's disguise, Tanny

In the first movie, Satana turns her ire to Enteng’s family. She sends Itim (Michael V.), to spy on Enteng and Faye. But because of the family’s goodness to him, Itim deceived and lied to Satana. In turn, Satana transforms herself into a young girl named Tanny (Nadine Samonte), who seduces and possesses Benok but Enteng manages to stop her evil deed in time. Burning with anger, Satana kidnaps Faye. She demands that Ina Magenta surrenders her good powers so she can rule the earth. Instead, Ina sends Enteng and Benok together with Itim (transformed into a talking flying horse) to fight Satana.

There was an instance in the TV series wherein Satana's character was portrayed by veteran actress Odette Khan, thereby completing the evil fairy triad. In the latter movie installments of the series, her character is portrayed by actress Bing Loyzaga as the main villainess.